Holiday Dinner - Pepper and Logan


Pepper, finally ready after getting Ella dressed and prepared for the dinner, made her way through the castle to where Logan and her agreed to meet. Her heels clicked along the way, hair bouncing in loose curls down her back. The white rose he had sent with the owl was in her hair, placed with a charm to make it stay. A smile was on her face, slightly nervous on her own part at dressing up. She’d never had to before, at least not while they were together. Turning the corner she noticed him waiting for her and her smile grew. “Hey,” her voice was a little lower than normal as she approached him. 

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    "Isn’t the visit quiet?" He didn’t know how Christmas could be otherwise. He always spent Christmas Eve watching...
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    “Usually we visit my dad’s side of the family but I’d much rather prefer something quieter this year.” She looked at him...